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Combine value enhancing process steps in engineering, design, work preparation, production and service

It's no secret that competition in industrial and manufacturing environments is fierce.

Technological advances, modern automated equipment and wide access to information, have in many ways levelled the playing field, which means that only the truly tenacious can now stand out from the crowd. But there’s good news!

By taking advantage of the opportunities, almost any manufacturer of electrical systems can boost productivity and profitability – provided that some essential guidelines are observed. To optimise the performance of a company the key is to constantly scrutinise its processes, particularly processes that have been used with very little alteration over a long period of time. By combining value-enhancing process steps in engineering, design, work preparation and production, it is possible to create a sound foundation for all efficiency improvements.

This is the value chain, a business model that describes the full range of activities
needed to create a product or service. The overarching goal of a value chain is to deliver the most value for the least cost in order to create competitive advantage.

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