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Are you still using CAD to create schematics?

Level up your engineering with EPLAN.

Originally developed for mechanical design work, Computer-aided drawing (CAD) software is useful for drawing almost anything, including electrical schematics. However, do these drawings provide the correct intelligent data necessary to ensure a smooth error-free engineering design phase? Stop drawing and start designing with Computer-aided engineering (CAE) software!

CAE software can alleviate many of the pressures design engineers face. Faster engineering through the use of “modular design” where the modules only have to be developed once and can be used over and over again as templates; automation of tedious processes like wire numbering and production of documentation and designing in 3D which virtually eliminates errors.

Engineering is evolving

Integrated 2D and 3D Design

image-png-Jan-29-2021-02-42-05-54-PM-1Do you remember the days of drawing schematics on drawing boards? Maybe you have heard the horrors of the lengthy process? Either way, you’ll agree that electrical engineering has really evolved since, and a digital drawing package has made designing much more efficient. But, it doesn’t stop at 2D drawing. Electrical engineering continues to evolve further and in order to keep up and reap the most benefits, you should adopt an integrated approach of 2D and 3D.

3D engineering solutions offer greater insight when creating designs. They give you the ability to comprehensively check a design before it’s built, saving time and money. This approach also ensures that large problems are not found once production has begun, but in the design stage.

Whilst you may have preconceptions that designing in 3D is heavy and difficult, EPLAN Pro Panel makes it easy. The 3D software is partially filled with existing data from the suppliers, which means the engineer only needs to enrich this data with underlying specifications such as defining drill holes and connection points.


EPLAN First Glance Webcast

Join EPLAN's engineers on the 19th May for a live webcast to discover how EPLAN solutions differ from generic CAD tools. Using EPLAN Electric P8 and EPLAN Pro Panel, we'll show you how EPLAN drives design automation and standardisation to deliver major productivity enhancements. Following on from this, we'll show you how to make project data generated and enhanced in EPLAN digitally available for all project stakeholders for red and greenlining via our cloud-based platform.

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